biotoolsSchema is a community-driven project governed under the leadership of the French ELIXIR node (Jacques van Helden, Joint Head of Node) in collaboration with other national ELIXIR nodes and partners beyond ELIXIR. biotoolsSchema development is supported by the French ELIXIR node, and has benefited from the voluntary contributions of many individuals since its inception.

Development on the ground is led by French ELIXIR Node staff and affiliates (Hervé Ménager, Jon Ison and Alban Gaignard), in close collaboration with the ELIXIR Tools Platform and other partners within and beyond the ELIXIR infrastructure.

If you’d like to get involved with the project please contact us via GitHub.

Main authors & contributors

  • Jon Ison (CNRS, Institut Français de Bioinformatique, FR) - lead developer
  • Hans-Ioan Ienasescu (University of Copenhagen, DK)
  • Emil Rydza (formerly University of Copenhagen, DK)
  • Piotr Chmura (University of Copenhagen, DK)
  • Kristoffer Rapacki (formerly CBS-DTU, DK)
  • Alban Gaignard (L’institut du Thorax, FR)
  • Veit Schwämmle (University of Southern Denmark, DK)
  • Jacques van Helden (Aix-Marseille Université, FR)
  • Matúš Kalaš (University of Bergen, NO)
  • ‪Hervé Ménager (Institut Pasteur, FR)


Thanks to the many people who have contributed - if you’re not listed below, please let us know!

  • Dmitry Repchevski (BCS, ES)
  • Piotr Wojciech Dabrowski (RKI, DE)
  • Bjoern Gruening (University of Freiburg, DE)
  • Chris Morris (STFC, UK)
  • Frederik Coppens (ELIXIR-BE)
  • Heinz Stockinger (ELIXIR-CH)
  • Helen Parkinson (EMBL-EBI, UK)
  • Julie McMurry (EMBL-EBI, UK)
  • Magnus Palmblad (LUMC, NL)
  • Michael Crusoe (University of California)
  • Niall Beard (University of Manchester)
  • Rodrigo Lopez (EMBL-EBI)
  • Delegates of the many BioMedBridges and ELIXIR workshops and meetings.